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atole recipes

Atole of Almonds (Mexico)

  Print Pin Atole of Almonds (Mexico) Course Drinks Cuisine Mexican Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Servings 6 people Author Selly Ingredients1 liter milk1 cinnamon100 g corn of flour250 g ground almonds20 g sugar InstructionsBoil the milk with a little cinnamon . Add the diluted flour in a little water while shaking to avoid burning. …

spider cake halloween

Spider cake for Halloween

Arachnophobes, close this article quickly! I propose for Halloween a terrifying spider cake ! Personally, I love it 💘 I’m too fan of my giant spider, I hope you like it too! Absolutely everything is eaten in this cake, so in addition to having a great Halloween cake , you will enjoy 🙂 The spider cake is composed of 2 soft …


The Chocolate Mellow

Here it is ! The recipe that I prepared for years before putting myself for good at the pastry: the sweet chocolate 🙂 It’s very simple, it was my favorite recipe and I came out for ALL occasions! I think all the people I know have tasted this chocolate mellow at least once ^^ Hyper easy and quick …


Ultra Flowing Chocolate Fondant

You can serve this fondant with custard for even more gluttony, but it is already so delicious that I assure you that it is self-sufficient;) Moreover there is not much to say, the pictures speak for themselves;) The recipe is super easy and fast , 5 minutes of preparation and 11 minutes of cooking. It can be prepared …